The Men That Built Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that has risen from rich history. This history has contributed in the making of this exotic and stunning destination. Las Vegas was previously a desert, and has now been built in a way that it is now one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Across the years, a couple of individuals have played a role in turning Las Vegas into the place it is now. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Howard Hughes

If you’ve seen the movie “The Aviator” that starred Leonardo Di Caprio, you’ll have a large entail of the life of Howard Hughes. He was an entrepreneur that boasted of many talents, such as; an aviator, a film producer, a businessman and a tool manufacturer.

In 1966, Howard Hughes developed business relations with Las Vegas. He first booked a penthouse in an Inn, but was asked to leave because they needed to make way for the arrival of New Years Eve guests. Infuriated, he refused to leave and bought the entire hotel.

After that, Hughes went forward and bought over $300 million worth of real estate in Las Vegas and helped shape the place into what it is now.

Thomas Hull

Las Vegas Strip is the most important point in the city. Being 4.2 miles long and home to high class casinos, the Las Vegas Strip generated $6.3 billion in 2016 alone! This can be traced back to only one man, Thomas Hull.

Hull’s car once broke down on highway 91, this was when he noticed the number of out of state car plates in the area. He concluded that this venue had become a touristic venue.

In 1941, Hull opened the El Rancho Vegas casino and resort. It was the first ever to exist on the Strip with more than 100 hotel suites, four classic table games and more than 70 slot machines.

J Walter Thompson

Las Vegas is also known as Sin City. But where did that name come from? J Walter Thompson has been given credit for this. How?

Thompson was hired by a radio station owner, Maxwell Kelch along with his marketing firm, JWT Advertising to launch a public relations campaign aimed at tourists. As a strategy, Thompson used the phrase Sin City to make Las Vegas seem like an exotic location.

And ever since then, the name has been stuck to the city, thus, giving it the reputation it holds today.

Now you know about three people who brought Las Vegas to where it stands today. At Tip Top Bingo, you could also read about the Slot Games That Changed Gambling on the spot.