History of Baccarat

Many online game lovers consider Baccarat as one of their favourite games. One of the main reasons why this game is popular is because of its low house edge which is around 1%. But do you know the mythical origins of this game and when it moved online? Today we are going to uncover the mysteries surrounding this card game!

The Middle Age History of Baccarat

Since a long time, there has been a debate whether baccarat was firstly played in France or Italy in the 1400s. According to records, it has been found that French noblemen and royalty played the game of baccarat.

However, the name baccarat itself is derived from an Italian word, thus suggesting that its true origin is in Italy. Today, a commonly played French version of this game is known as ‘Baccarat Chemin De Fer’. Some people have even speculated that Blackjack is a game that dates back to the down of history, as an early form of gambling game using dices.

Baccarat – Land Based Casino to Online

Back in the 1950’s, Baccarat Chemin de Fer was introduced in Las Vegas casinos. Commonly called European Baccarat, it was an exclusive game in casinos, where three dealers were required to play this game. It had rather complex rules, where it was essential for players to take turn and act as the banker.

By simplifying the rules of the game, it was possible to solve this issue, plus it was now possible to play Baccarat with just one dealer. This simplified version of the game is known as ‘Mini Baccarat’, also called Punto Banco and American Baccarat.

In the mid-1990s, Baccarat made its successful transition online, and has since evolved to offer players a better user experience on numerous devices, ranging from PCs to smartphone and tablets. Not only can you play baccarat wherever you want, but you can also play for lower stakes now compared to land based casinos.