Give Me A Slot Machine And I’ll Beat it – Tommy Carmichael

Tommy Carmichael was a gifted induvial who continuously created clever devices to gain edge in a casino. His famous slogan was “Give me a slot machine and I’ll beat it.” And he wasn’t kidding!

When His Career Started

In the year 1980, at the age of 30, his cheating career began. He used a device called a “top bottom joint” to hit the biggest jackpot slot wins in Las Vegas. This device was a very simple piece of metal that produced major payouts when it was inserted into the coin slot.

It was not too long after, that casinos started replacing their slot machines. These new machines had random number generators. This was when Tommy moved to smaller casinos in Las Vegas. He was then discovered, arrested and sentenced to jail.

Being in jail didn’t stop him. As soon as Tommy was released, he was determined to evolve all his cheating instruments. And he created two tools: Slider and Monkey Paw. When he slipped one of these devices into a slot machine, the hopper released a large amount of coins.

When Slot Machines Were Computerised

Then slot machines were computerised. He set to work and posed as a sales man to a slot machine manufacturer. This gave him the time to study the insides of the machine. It was not too long after, that he created the Light Wand. This gadget consisted of a camera battery and a miniature light. What this device did was blind a sensor inside the slot machine, causing it to payout coins. The subtleness of this device made it difficult for security to spot people using it. Tommy then sold it to other cheaters making $10,000 on most days.

In 1966, he was arrested for using the wand, but charged were dropped. After three years, he was arrested for having possession of a cheat device. Today, he consults casinos and ironic of him, and he produces anti cheating devices.