Early Forms Of Gambling In Greece

Gambling is one of the earliest forms of entertainment. The different types of gambling were each created or discovered from various countries around the world. Now, casino is amongst the biggest industries in many countries around the world.

Where It All Began…

Long before online casinos came into action, gambling was a major point of interest to the Ancient Greeks. Greek gods used to gamble, it is also known as the oldest human activity of all time. Just like the Egyptians, the Greeks had started gambling from godly rituals.

The three brothers, has started with rolling ivory cubes, now called dice. They started making bets and soon split the universe where they each receive part of it. In the end, Zeus won the Heaves, Poseidon won the sea and Hades went for the short straw, the Underworld.

Poseidon, god of the sea, and Athena, the goddess of wisdom and strength both made a bet of who would win patronage over the City of Athens. After winning the bet, Athena was soon known as the ruler of Athens. Poseidon was displeased with Athena winning the title and cursed the city to always have a shortage of water. Which still continues until this day.

Even though it was illegal at the time, betting and gambling was still practiced secretly. The most popular form of gambling was dice, head and tails and checkers. Checkers was one of the first board games in Ancient Greece, and was called Tilia. It was played on a chess board at first then later changed to having 12 pieces on each side. Heads and Tails was played with a shell and later evolved in people using coins.

What Did They Bet?

Bets were often made on birds, dogs and chicken fights. There were two types of dice games, ones that were played on the board and one that involved only dice. Both games were played with four die. They were often shaken in a blessed up then thrown out into the open.

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