Casino Gaming Slang

If you’re new to casino gaming or online casino gaming, there might be some terms you will not understand. New slang terms are introduced in the industry every day and even if you’re a regular player, you might wonder “what’s what?” Here are some of the most common terms used in casinos.

Slang Terms Often Hear In Casinos

  • Banker- In table games, you might hear the term “banker.” This term is referring to the dealer, like in some games, players can become the banker or dealer.
  • Bankroll- This is the total money the player or casino has on hand to back up their wagers.
  • Black Book- This is the list of people who are forbidden to enter any casino in Nevada.
  • Bonus- Money that is given for free by casinos. Like a Welcome Bonus on signing up.
  • Bug- The joker or wild card.
  • Burn Card- Cards that are from the top of the deck, are not meant to be dealt or are placed in a discard tray.
  • Call- In Poker, it is to match the current bet.
  • Casino Advantage: The edge that the casino has over the players.
  • Coat Tail- Betting the same numbers as someone who is winning.
  • Dollar Bet- A $100 wager.
  • Down To The Felt- Totally out of money.
  • Eye In The Sky- Security Cameras
  • Face Cards- Jack, Queen, King of any suit.
  • Hit: In blackjack, to take another card is called a hit.
  • Open- In Poker, this is the player who places the first bet.
  • Payline: Win lines that winning combinations should be made on, in slot games.
  • Quad- In Poker, it’s four of a kind.
  • Soft Hand- In Blackjack, any hand that contains an ace wounded as 11.

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