Can Card Counting In Baccarat Give You An Edge?

Card counting is a well-known phenomenon in blackjack. But sadly, a fair amount of study has been done on baccarat as well. Tracking numbers at a Baccarat table is a popular pastime and an effective card counting system that anyone can use without being caught.

It’s true that you can gain an edge by counting cards while playing baccarat. It may not be obvious, but removing cards from the shoe does affect the odds of the player or banker from winning future hands. Removing a six has the biggest effect when shifting odds and removing four tilts odds in the banker’s favour.

Does Counting Cards Give You an Edge in Baccarat?

The effects of removing cards are very low. In blackjack, the effects of card counting are slightly eased up by the fact that you can use simplified values like +1 or -1. In Baccarat, to get the full value of your card counting is to add and subtract three or four digit numbers constantly to keep track of the accurate count.

In Baccarat games, the house edge starts higher than in blackjack. It’s a good deal compared to most casino games, but the slightly higher edge will rarely give you a situation where you’ll find your counting giving you an edge. An estimate puts the frequency of advantage bets at one in every 450 hands.

It might be fun to say that you can beat the casino while playing Baccarat, but it also shows that Baccarat isn’t a game where card counting is a winning strategy.